I Quit Coffee For 6 Months And These 6 Things Happened

Masha Arias
5 min readNov 21, 2020

Number 3 is life-changing

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I wouldn´t believe myself writing this story one year ago. Like many, I couldn´t start my day without my coffee it was just something that I couldn´t skip. Let me preface this by saying that I LOVE coffee, it´s not only the flavor that I adore but the whole ritual it involves. Buying freshly roasted beans, grounding them, brewing the perfect drink with my Moka pot, and enjoying the insanely gratifying smell all over the house. Not to mention my beloved frother to make the frothiest oat mylk for my daily fuel.

And I know I´m not alone in this ritual. Maybe you reading this, drink as well a cup of joe each morning. Maybe you do it for the ritual itself, for the caffeine boost you need or just to engage in a social tradition. Whatever your reason is, have you ever thought about quitting coffee?

And you would ask yourself: why I would ever do that? — I asked myself the same. But, what I didn’t realize over the years was how much it had an effect on my mental health, my anxiety, and my sleeping disorders.

If you feel healthy stimulated by coffee and you are not as constipated when drinking it — you´re a lucky recipient of its benefits. But if you are already stressed, adrenalin pumping nonstop, and addicted to stimulants like sugar or alcohol, coffee is not meant to be your friend. It´s only adding stress and toxic load to your daily life.

After experiencing these symptoms I decided to quit coffee — can’t lie, it wasn’t an easy task. But after 6 months without drinking this holy grail of a.m. beverage, I experienced 6 things that I will like to share with you.

  1. My concentration levels improved

This may sound ironic, as most people drink coffee to increase their productivity and concentration. While I thought coffee was waking me up and helping me focus, it was actually doing the exact opposite. Caffeine was just sending my thoughts to overdrive not letting me concentrate on one only task.

As an entrepreneur, I live under a tight schedule and I try to squeeze my daily hours to be able to “arrive” at everything. I thought coffee was allowing me to do so. But, later I realized that I may be able to work 100 hours a week but, under which…



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